Saturday, January 28, 2006

Absence Without Official Leave

Hmmm... interesting.

It's obvious that I haven't posted here for a while. In the interim, however, I've taken to analyzing the nature of blog visits as well as audience presence, and I'm surprised to see that most of my initial assumptions were correct.

For anyone who's been wondering why I haven't been around lately, you're welcome to select any or all of my excuses from the following list:
1. I've been busy at work. The new general manager hasn't come in yet, we're experiencing a staff exodus common to most companies at the start of each year, and I find myself doing everything at work that I really shouldn't be doing at all.

2. I've been coming home late. If it's not because of work, it's because of the planning sessions for my sister's 18th birthday. Hey, somebody's got to scare all the hormone-driven young men away. :)

3. I've been playing a lot of computer games. Sometimes when you're sitting in front of the computer late at night, there's nothing much else you feel like doing that doesn't involve stomping on rogue Koopa Troopas.

4. Er... my dog ate it.

Despite these reasons, however, part of me can't help but think that my ending of the Suman Latik posts may have precipitated this to some degree. I'll admit that I found the Suman posts to be refreshingly... regular. That is, whenever a Wednesday rolled around, I would find myself making a mental note to sit in front of the computer later that same evening, and write. Just write.

The Suman posts made me worry for my constant updates as well. How would you feel, for instance, if you placed a Wednesday post online, only to find that it was hovering directly above your previous consecutive Wednesday post? You'd be ashamed at not updating your blog more often, that's how you'd feel. It was probably more obvious on my part, seeing that I was using the same Suman Latik image week after week.

In a sense, therefore, it was the Suman posts that were getting me to write something at least three times a week. No kidding there.

That, I think, puts a certain idea into the realm of consideration: What could I write as a weekly feature for this blog? It would have to be vague enough to support multiple attempts at writing, yet curious enough to attract the attention of a multifaceted audience. I'd rather not have to write fiction every week (for fear of burnout), and I'm sure that those few readers I have would not appreciate me airing my vituperations on a regular schedule. On the other hand, I also want to make sure that I feature something totally different from what most other blogs are doing out there.

I suspect that I can't really just decide on something and proceed to do it. I find that the successful endeavors, the real deals, the great journeys, all often grow out of a completely unassuming routine. It could be that the key to a weekly feature lies somewhere in the stuff I'm already writing; It could also be that I'll find inspiration in somebody else's blog or web site. Who knows, really? Who knows?

All the same, however, I'll be looking around for a bit. There's probably something interesting that I can find somewhere...


Ferdz said...

Hey cool! What games are you playing right now. I missed playing PC games. Especially RPGs from bioware.

Sean said...

Ferdz: I'm playing the Super Mario RPG, circa 1996 for the Super NES, and one of the last great games created for that system. I'm using an undoubtedly illegal emulator, so let's keep this within the blog, shall we? :)

Otherwise, I'm also working my way through Final Fantasy II and Super Metroid, and every now and then I test my mad skillz on Super Mario Kart.

The only Bioware RPG I ever played was the original unenhanced Neverwinter Nights, and it was nice. I only got as far as Act III, however, before my hard drive blew and I was forced to pick up the pieces. :(